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WFAA viewers continue to share damage photos stretching from Granbury to Garland. Photos show trees and power lines down across the area. In Keller, sheds were destroyed, littering debris across the Home Depot on Highway 377. Tweet your weather damage photo using #wfaaweather. As the storms have passed through North Texas, there are multiple reports of trees and power lines that have come down. Over 203,000 homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth lost power at one point. As of 6 a.m. about 177,000 people were still in the dark. The outages have already caused several school districts to cancel or delay classes for the day. Just before 7 a.m., crews closed both sides of Interstate 20, westbound at Mountain Creek Parkway and eastbound atBeltlineRoad, due to damage caused by a transmission line falling across the highway. Westbound traffic will be diverted to Mountain Creek Parkway andKiestBoulevard (Highway 303), or south to Camp Wisdom Road. Eastbound traffic will be diverted to north or south onBeltlineRoad to Camp Wisdom or U.S.

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