Cook Believed That Wiping An Iphone Should Ensure That No Trace Of The Owners Identity Remained On The Device.

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To halt the activity, Uber engineers assigned a persistent identity to iPhones with a small piece of code, a practice called fingerprinting. Uber could then identify an iPhone and prevent itself from being fooled even after the device was erased of its contents. There was one problem: Fingerprinting iPhones broke Apples rules. Cook believed that wiping an iPhone should ensure that no trace of the owners identity remained on the device. So Kalanick told his engineers to geofence Apples headquarters in Cupertino, California, a way to digitally identify people reviewing Ubers software in a specific location. Uber would then obfuscate its code for people within that geofenced area, essentially drawing a digital lasso around those it wanted to keep in the dark. Apple employees at its headquarters were unable to see Ubers fingerprinting. But Apple engineers outside of Cupertino caught on to Ubers methods, prompting Cook to call Kalanick to his office. Kalanick was shaken by Cooks scolding, according to a person who saw him after the meeting. But only momentarily.

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