Richard Sherman, I Think, Has Somewhat Worn Out His Welcome A Little Bit In Seattle.

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Richard Sherman, I think, has somewhat worn out his welcome a little bit in Seattle. I think what happened last year when he called out the offensive coordinator was straight out of the sort of stuff that Dallas went through for awhile with Dez Bryant when he was kind of a little bit of a sideshow. Very good player but there was always something going on. I felt like this last year it crossed over from being, 'Hey, that's just Richard. We have a lot of guys in this locker room who march to the own drummer,' to being it has a little bit more of an edge to it. He took on a reporter and said something like, 'I'll ruin your career.' He called out the offensive coordinator by name. I think he has a couple more really good years in him. I think he can still be an elite corner, especially when he plays outside. When he gets moved inside for various reasons it gets harder for him. I think he can be elite for a couple more years but that side of it where it becomes a potential distraction for the team, that was something new this past year. I think Seattle's taking bit of a hard line with him. I'll be interested to see how that carries over into this year because he's never been someone ever to say, 'Hey you know what?

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